Purchase "PRO" License

This page provides information about the PRO-licenses for BeamConstruct laser marking software. To order E1701 Scanner Controller Card or any other hardware component hardware, please contact us!

Here you can order a PRO license. These licenses contains the following:

BeamConstruct PRO - all functions and features of BeamConstruct plus:

  • User privilege management to restrict user access, here own users, their roles and privileges can be defined without the need to integrate BeamConstruct into a ControlRoom environment
  • Pen parameter finder wizard to create a grid with varying parameters (power, frequency, mark speed, loop count, ...) values where the best results can be chosen from, this gives the possibility to find best parameters for a pen easily
  • Greyscale-map to nonlinearly adjust the output of greyscale scanner bitmaps
  • Menu shortcut editor to define own, custom shortcuts for all menu items
  • Show scanhead state information (depends on capabilities of used scanner controller and scanhead)
  • Mark loop counter for single elements (can be done in standard-version only via array-function)
  • Barcodes with support for DataMatrix, PDF417, EAN, UPC, GTIN, MaxiCode, Aztec, Codabar, USPS, EIHBCC-codes and much more
  • Input element to read data out of a CSV database/table file and to use the contents for custom serial numbers (input data can be assigned to a text or barcode primary element)
  • Extended editing functions for primary elements via special hotkey functions to draw exact horizontal/vertical lines or to create special variants of these elements just by pressing Control or Shift key (applicable e.g. for Triangle, Rectangle, Line, Polygon)
  • Multihead-support with up to nine independent heads at the same time
  • Output of marking data as G-Code
  • Works with all supported scanner controllers except Scanlab™ RTC4/RTC5/RTC6
  • Predefined project file containing process steps between 3D-slices - no need to add them manually for every 3D model
  • Auto-arranging of several 3D meshes in workspace
  • Smart Interface for Industry 4.0/Smart Factory applications
  • Translate/move selected elements via cursor keys

BeamConstruct PRO RTC - all functions and features of BeamConstruct PRO plus:

  • Works with all Scanlab™ RTC4/RTC5/RTC6 scanner controller cards

These PRO licenses are enabled via an USB-dongle (no additional driver required, works with Windows™ and Linux ™ out of the box):

This dongle comes as unremarkably USB-plug by intention, to not to be attractive to any thiefs thinking this could be some interesting thumb-drive.


To order a PRO license and to get the dongle with
the functions as described above please