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BeamConstruct is part of the HAL software package. This package not only contains the laser marking software but some more useful applications like ControlRoom, that can be used for visualisation and process controlling applications.
Older and legacy software versions can be found in "OpenAPC" software packages which are the predecessor of the current HALsetup. So from it's principle, both software packages provide the same contents but in different versions, all packages named "HALsetup" are the newer ones.

Download Software Version 6.6-01 "Infinity Beyond"

Operating System Full software package Full LTS software package
  Certified to work with Compatible with This package contains the full software including ControlRoom editor, debugger, execution environment, BeamConstruct, all plug-ins and additional tools. This is the LTS (Long Term Support) variant of the full package. For this version bugfixes are provided while keeping it fully compatible and stable by not adding new features to it.

Windows™ amd64
Windows 10 Windows 7 HALsetup-6.6-01.amd64.exe OpenAPC-5.9-3LTS.amd64.exe

Windows™ ix86
Windows 10 Windows 7 OpenAPC.5.5-1.i386.exe OpenAPC-4.9-4LTS.i386.exe

Linux amd64
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Debian Package: HALsetup-6.6-01.amd64.deb

Repository APT line: deb [arch=amd64, trusted=yes] bionic main

Linux ARM Hard Float
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Debian Package: HALsetup-6.6-01.armhf.deb

Repository APT line: deb [arch=armhf, trusted=yes] bionic main

Linux ARM64
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Debian Package: HALsetup-6.6-01.arm64.deb

Repository APT line: deb [arch=arm64, trusted=yes] bionic main

Linux amd64
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Debian Package: OpenAPC-6.0-1.amd64.deb

Repository APT line: deb trusty main

Download Ressources

  Download Description Last changed
Users Manual manual.pdf End user documentation of the full HAL software package including description of ControlRoom, BeamConstruct and all additional tools 22.07.2021
Quick Start into BeamConstruct manual_quickstart.pdf Excerpt of the users manual: some quick steps to start with BeamConstruct fast and easy and to get some first understanding of the software concept 19.01.2012
E1701A and E1701D scanner controller hardware manual e1701_manual.pdf Full hardware description and specification 02.08.2021
E1701C CNC controller hardware manual e1701c_manual.pdf 19.07.2021
E1701M motor controller hardware manual e1701m_manual.pdf 19.07.2021
DS4 Test Station for controller cards ds4_manual.pdf 22.11.2019
E1803D scanner controller hardware manual e1803_manual.pdf 02.08.2021
E1803DLight scanner controller hardware manual (discontunued) e1803light_manual.pdf 03.03.2017
HALdrive XY3-100 converter hardware manual haldrive_manual.pdf 19.07.2021
HALscan XY2-100 16 bit scanhead hardware manual halscan16_manual.pdf 19.07.2021
HALscan XY3-100 20 bit scanhead hardware manual halscan_manual.pdf 19.07.2021
Changelog CHANGELOG.txt The list of recent changes 31.05.2021
Windows x86 legacy libraries Windows 32 bit libraries (DLLs and linker-LIBs) for E1701x and E1803D programming interface; latest version (changed 12.03.2021) 12.03.2021
Download Archive Archive The complete list of all available downloads including older software versions